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Unfold Power from within

YOU WANT to act out of abundance, to take action and become effective.

YOU WANT to enjoy life again and be at peace with yourself.

The RESOURCES for this are waiting in your psyche. You will find access to these still hidden sources of power in Jungian coaching.

Stand by your true size and UNFOLD YOURSELF – whether privately or professionally.

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Really fitting solutions

Trust Your Self

Neither in shoes too big nor to small would you walk well. Choose the right size for your life as well!

Therefore, dare to recognize your real size. I will help you to leave behind uncomfortable adaptations to your environment and past. By doing this, some triggers that shadow your life will disappear. Trust in your own and still unconscious self will open the way to self-efficacy, success and meaning.

You possess effective symbols

Your personal symbols are the key to your progress. In contrast to triggers, they do not trap you in unreasonable behavior, but show you the way to freely chosen action.

Expand the repertoire

Human life is archetypally shaped. As in fairy tales and myths, there are archetypal blanks in your life that want to be shaped. They compensate for your weaknesses and expand your repertoire.

People live as though they were walking in shoes too small for them. That quality of eternity which is so characteristic of the life of primitive man is entirely lacking.

Carl Gustav Jung

Psychologist, In: The Sacred Heritage (S.16). Taylor and Francis. Kindle-Version.

Practical, goal-oriented, creative: with unique tools
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Jungian Coaching

Practical, goal-oriented and fast, you gain resources for your development through creative tools. If you want to take action, you will find inspiration in the "Doing" cards. If you want to look within, use "Being" cards. 

I am certified by the Jungian Coaching School by Dr. Avi GorenBar and experienced in working with the school's tools. 

Ingrid Create Destiny Gemma quest Coaching Tarot


Role clichés and biographical patterns often inhibit professional development like taboos. This is especially true in hierarchies. It can get much better with the boss, with customers, employees and in the team.

We work with archetypes of the company and management: are they appropriately represented?

Ingrid Create Destiny Gemma quest Coaching Tarot


In our private lives, we repeatedly encounter taboo-like limitations. Family role assignments act as automatisms. It shouldn't stay that way. It is good to actualize!

We work with archetypes of the psyche, of being and of action.


What clients say

jungianisches Coaching Ego-Selbst-Achse Brücke Verbindung Perspektiven

Find back to yourself

Thanks to Ingrid I am aware of who I essentially am. That was a well needed help for me. I have gained my selfesteem back. Now, I know that I do not need to diminish myself in order to be accepted. It is instead about finding those people who know and appreciate my true value. Ingrid is friendly, honest and highly qualified.

jungianisches Coaching Ego-Selbst-Achse Brücke Verbindung Perspektiven

See the patterns of relationships

The patterns of relationship in my family were disclosed. Ingrid could show me the structures and functions exactly. I am now sure and optimistic to make my way forward with clarity. Ingrid convinces with deep understanding and highly structured working. Therefore her messages have reached me despite the fog and some resistance. I recommend Ingrid to others.

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate."

(Carl Gustav Jung*)

Whether we realize it or not, we are all dreaming the world into being.

(Alberto Villoldo*)

(*https://beruhmte-zitate.de/autoren/carl-gustav-jung/ Courageous Dreaming (S.1).*Hay House. Kindle-Version.)

Three qualities of jungian stile

Jungian coaching differs from other methods by the use of depth psychology according to Carl Gustav Jung. As a way of modern coaching it is co-active.

Here and now

The moment today, the here and now, is our starting point. We're just talking about origins as if we were dipping a toe in water. We seek solutions from what is now.

Save Space

We create an atmosphere of security in which the conscious mind can engage in creative images from the unconscious. I am here to open and hold this space. You can use it to bring your inner images to the surface and engage in dialogue with them.

Symbolic attitude

The unconscious speaks in images and symbols. Therefore, the intention only becomes effective when we make contact with symbols and images, i.e. transcend the world of facts. From the symbols we gain insights.

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